Natural Constipation Relief For Toddlers

Natural Constipation Relief For Toddlers

There is an abundance of natural constipation relief for toddlers online and in stores today. Constipation is a common problem for toddlers and many parents are left in tears of frustration because their kids cannot sit still long enough to have their meals or wait for their bowel movements to pass. In some cases constipation can be caused by other underlying issues. For example, infants sometimes experience constipation as a result of insufficient fluid intake in the first few weeks of life, food allergies, or genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis. Regardless of the cause, constipation can leave kids tired, depressed, and generally unhappy.

There are many options available for providing relief to toddlers. One of the most popular ways is to use natural remedies and home remedies. Natural remedies include such things as prunes, psyllium husks, and apple cider vinegar. Let’s take a closer look at these options to see how they provide for constipation relief for toddlers.

Prunes – A lot of parents think that prunes are only good for cakes. This assumption is completely false and actually needs to be corrected. Prunes can be used to help with constipation by relieving the symptoms. The easiest way to do this is to add the berries to a glass of water and drink this on a daily basis. The acids in the fruit will help stimulate the intestines and help move the stool along by helping it pass more easily.

Psyllium – If your toddler has difficulty moving their bowels, they likely have constipation. Psyllium can help provide relief to both children and adults and should be included in their diet. Cooked psyllium husks can be used in smoothies, cereal, or other forms of diet and is easy to find at your local grocery store. The husks help move stool through the intestines much more easily by coating them in fiber. Adding this to the diet will help maintain regularity.

Legumes and Carrots – Both of these foods are full of fiber and can help ease constipation in toddlers. Adding both of these foods to a juice, soup, or other form of diet will also help with the constipation. Some toddlers may have more severe constipation, so you will want to monitor their eating habits carefully. If the child is not eating enough, the stool may appear dry and hard to pass. Adding a little bit of water to the formula will increase the moisture in the stool and will help the child to pass it easier.

Green Drinks – Natural fiber found in green vegetables and fruits will also help keep your toddler from constipation. When they drink green drinks they will be drinking lots of water and getting lots of nutrients. They will also be consuming food for minerals and vitamins as well as dietary fiber. Adding a teaspoon of oat straws to a glass of water will help as well.

Cereal – Cereals can offer a nice source of fiber and can also help with constipation relief for toddlers. Adding a few fresh vegetables to the cereal or adding some frozen veggies to the cereal can also help with this problem. You should be sure that the cereals are all one-third the size that they are when you first buy them. If they are not, they will not take long to digest and this can lead to constipation. You may want to add some mashed bananas to the cereal or other fruit for even better results. Talk to your child’s pediatrician for specific instructions on what they should be eating.

Water – One of the best ways to provide constant constipation relief for toddlers is to provide them with plenty of water. Sitting and standing for prolonged periods causes dehydration. This causes the body to lose hydration and to become constipated. Giving them plenty of water during the day and after every meal can help to prevent this problem. Your child is most likely not going to want to drink the water, but they should be offered it if it is offered.