Finding Constipation Relief For Kids

Finding Constipation Relief For Kids

Finding constipation relief for kids can be one of the most difficult challenges a parent will face. Constipation is a very common problem that affects children of all ages. It causes an uncomfortable feeling and makes the child extremely uncomfortable. The best way to help the problem is to make sure the child always has plenty of water to drink, as well as certain types of foods on hand. This article will go over some simple methods of constipation relief for kids that may help those children with the problem.

First and foremost, when treating constipation it’s important to avoid sugar, sweets, high fat foods, dairy products and processed foods. These foods can aggravate the problem. Instead, substitute the sugar or high fat foods with low fat or unrefined foods, which are much healthier for your toddler. Low fat or unrefined foods can include vegetables, fish, fruits, whole grain bread products and cereals.

A child needs about eight glasses of water per day. Water helps to flush out the intestines and has a laxative effect. Adding a pinch of salt to the water will also aid in flushing the bowels. Some parents also swear by using herbal laxatives like hemp seed, senna, ginger root or aloe vera to alleviate constipation. It’s important to remember not to add any medication or supplements into the child’s diet while attempting these home remedies.

A change in diet may also be necessary for constipation relief for kids. Because fiber is needed to make sure stool stays in the gut, foods that have little or no fiber should be eliminated from the diet. This includes cereals, breads, pastas and junk food. Juices and fruit juices also aren’t going to provide any relief. Instead, focus on water and fiber-rich foods.

While you’re looking for foods with constipation relief for kids, be careful about what you serve your child. Don’t prepare any processed or junk foods for your toddler or baby. Stick with lean meats and vegetables for most of the meal. As a parent, you should also be aware of any food allergies your child might have. Read labels carefully and avoid buying food products at a restaurant if you suspect they might have an allergy.

Milk and yogurt are good options for infants and small children because they contain lactase, which helps in the digestion of milk. Yogurt is also a good option for those with a low tolerance for foods high in fiber, such as dairy. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime to the glass of milk or taking a small bite of the yogurt can provide some relief for constipation.

It’s best not to give any solid food to a child who is suffering from constipation. In some cases constipation relief for kids can be found by simply changing their food habits. For instance, if your child has been eating a lot of cheese, replace it with vegetables instead. If you need to give your child fiber rich food, try adding brown rice or sweet potatoes to their diet, which are extremely low in fat and very digestible for young kids. Adding extra fiber can also help your kid avoid constipation, especially during their growing years.

There are many ways you can provide the right kind of food to your little ones. The only thing you need to remember is that not all constipation relief for kids is suitable for every child. Some will need more than others. Also, as they grow older, you can still provide them with safe food choices, such as organic fruits and vegetables. However, if your child is already showing signs of constipation, stop giving him or her any food rich in fiber and start considering other solutions first.